Crazy 8Crazy 8, formerly of the Gymboree Group, brought bold style and great deals to kids and parents all around the country. Crazy 8's cool clothes made a big statement for a small price.
As Senior Designer on this brand, I conceptualized and executed unique designs for site and email, while supervising and providing art direction to one mid-level designer.
  • INDUSTRYEcommerce, Retail
  • ROLEVisual Design, UI, Art Directon
  • DATEDecember 2014 - September 2015
Fall Style Guide

I was tasked with designing an external site to introduce Crazy 8’s seasonal clothing lines. In addition to promoting new products, the design pulls in their Instagram feed and graphic tiles could be easily updated to promote current hashtags, sweepstakes, and other offers.

Move over the boxes, in the mockup below, to view the hover state of select elements. On mobile, simply touch and scroll!

Sweepstakes User Flow

Below are the steps a user would take to enter the #Crazy8Kid Sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes Banner – Normal state
Sweepstakes Banner – Active 'enter now' button
Upload – Normal state
Upload – Active 'drag to upload'
Upload – Active 'upload photo' button
Upload – Active 'home' link
Upload – Progress
Upload – Image error
Uploaded Photo – Normal state
Uploaded Photo – Active 'change photo' hover
Uploaded Photo – Active drag to 'change photo'
Uploaded Photo – Active 'enter sweepstakes' button
Uploaded Photo – Active 'start over' button
Photo submitted